In case you have a virtual or a dedicated server, you'll have to carry out more things to maintain it in shape compared to a shared web hosting account. The reason is that the shared hosting servers are managed by the hosting provider, while with a standalone server you'll be the only one in control. Some examples of the tasks you'll have to do are installing server-side programs and keeping them up-to-date, checking the web server and restarting it if required, and so on. If you don't have time for such tasks, though, or if you have never had a server of your own and you feel uncertain what exactly you need to do, you can use our optional administration services. When you do this, our system administrators shall handle all of these additional tasks for you, so you will be able to work on your sites and to enhance them, in order to get more visitors and potential customers without spending time and efforts on technical issues.

Administration Services in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The additional services are available to all our clients anytime, regardless of the particular dedicated servers hosting package deal, so when you get a hosting server from our company, our system admins will help you with many things. Firstly, they will make perfectly sure that the software environment on the server is always safe, since they will update the OS every week. They shall also take care of your content and will generate a backup on another hosting server and if anything goes wrong, your files and databases will be restored effortlessly. With the monitoring and rebooting service, our admin crew will keep an eye on the hosting server constantly and will react promptly if any issue shows up. Moreover, they are able to also carry out any custom tasks on the server that you might need, for so long as you might require them. Depending on the time you can spend on the server and on your experience, you might get these services individually, or you can get them all at once as part of one single package deal.