Managing your own hosting server may not be very simple and in some occasions it might be very aggravating, particularly if you don't have lots of experience and you aren't sure how to proceed in specific situations. The hosting machine has its own Os and processes running on it, therefore you might need to cope with matters that you haven't encountered with a standard shared internet hosting plan where the service provider addresses the server maintenance while you manage only your web content via a website hosting Control Panel. If some service stops responding, for example, or some process start overloading the hosting server, you shall need to take measures to restore the proper functioning of the server. In the event that you have not dealt with these kinds of situations in the past, you can take advantage of the Monitoring & Rebooting function, that is a part of our optional Managed Services upgrade package.

Monitoring and Rebooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

Adding the Managed Services package to your dedicated servers hosting service is as simple as clicking a button on the order page or in your billing Cp and provided that the service is active, our system admins will keep tabs on all system processes on your hosting machine 24/7 in order to make certain that everything is up and running precisely how it should. An automated system will alert them as soon a problem presents itself, so they can troubleshoot it to find out what caused it and will then handle it immediately. Frozen processes, software features that have shut down or applications which employ an excessive amount of physical memory are only a couple of examples of the things our experienced team will look for and take care of. A third-party monitoring firm can only let you know that there is some problem with a certain system service, but they will lack the means to do anything about it since they will not be able to access your server.